Application Development for Water Monitoring

About Client

The client operates in the pure water supply field, with global operations in exploration, production, refining, distribution, transportation, and marketing.


Pure water is a valuable and scarce resource. Enterprises that offer clean water must manage this resource in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. Measures to prevent water loss in the supply process and to promote efficient use of water in the vicinity are essential.

The client desired to create water resource management software for use in operations management and efficiency enhancement. This system has numerous elements to monitor the amount of water output during the day, as well as the amount of water that is unclear about the process and the cost of capital treatment.


The management software solution can be adjusted and integrated to fit the water utility’s specific needs. The client can increase management, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction by utilizing new information technology.

  • Infrastructure management system

Customers have used infrastructure management software to track and manage infrastructure components such as water tanks, water supply lines, pumping stations, and other equipment. The system has assisted in monitoring operations, scheduling maintenance, and managing incidents to ensure the system’s efficient and steady operation.

  • Manage water consumption.

TECHVIFY built a water consumption management function to assist customers in recording and analyzing data about their water consumption. Customers can now monitor their water usage patterns, find leaks or holes in the supply system, and implement effective water-saving measures.

  • Customer management

Our consumer management software assists clients in managing personal information and records, recording services and bills, and managing customer relationships. This has improved customer interaction and support, as well as the management of requests and complaints.

  • Operations Management

Customers have used activity management software to help them plan and manage their everyday tasks. It can aid in the scheduling of water transportation, the management of personnel and work schedules, and the tracking of water meter activity.

  • Financial management

Clients have used financial management software to track and manage their financial activities, invoices, and receipts. It gives financial analysis tools to assist a company in properly managing its financial resources.


The client received a series of studies outlining the company’s activities and dependencies, as well as recommendations for improving the water distribution system. TECHVIFY specialists effectively customized this program. Users now have access to a wide range of Connected Log sources, including previously unsupported ones. New correlation rules were developed and deployed. The consultants provided valuable advice on how to set up the audit and configure the operating system.

The project took three months to complete, and the majority of the work was done at the customer’s end.

Technologies and Tools

  • RegExp
  • Python
  • Perl
  • SQL
  • Shell
  • Batch

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