Automation Software Development for A Medical Enterprise

About Client

The client is a Singapore-based international pharmaceutical corporation. They deliver medical items and help healthcare professionals in terms of providing high-quality care in medical institutions.


Inefficient Customer System: Limitations and Challenges

Previously, the client system was outdated & unreliable. It also cost them a large amount of money to maintain. The current technology used is not scalable, which impedes the client’s future company expansion. The ordering process is done via old-fashioned methods, mainly by phone.

Time challenge

The client wanted to have a software development solution in a short time frame that promptly addresses the current situation while fulfilling their customers’ requirements.


Database & Inventory Management

This module optimizes inventory management by tracking stock levels, monitoring product flows, and facilitating timely replenishment. It ensures uninterrupted production of pharmaceuticals and timely delivery to patients.

Streamlining Medication Manufacturing Process with Technology

The medication manufacturing module streamlines the entire process, from ordering and formulation to dispensing, labeling, and delivery. By implementing advanced technology, such as placing it in a hospital’s dispensing unit, doctors can easily order medications for patients. The system automatically validates formulations, doses, and components, while also optimizing the manufacturing process for the entire treatment. With efficient dose calculations and scheduling, waste is minimized, and precise blending instructions are provided. Ultimately, the system ensures accurate dispensing and timely delivery of labeled medication to patients.

Streamlined Invoicing and Tracking in Drug Purchasing

The invoicing feature facilitates efficient monitoring of the entire drug purchasing process. Users can generate invoices and easily search them based on customer, project, invoice status, or creation date. Quick filter options provide convenient access to unpaid, past-due, and paid invoices.


TECHVIFY successfully delivered the software on time as expected. The features integrated into the new system are of great significance in reducing time and making service provision and management easier for customers.

With a client-server architecture, hospitals and other clinical customers can use the client application to order drugs from the manufacturing plant closest to them. For more than 4 years, customers and their clients have been using this distribution system.

Technologies and Tools

  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • AJAX
  • VB.NET
  • JavaScript

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