Building a Mobile-friendly Solution for e-Commerce

About Client

The American client, founded in 2010, is a vendor in upscale home furnishing store chains and e-commerce.

They are a multi-business company that runs a chain of expertly crafted indoor and outdoor furniture, accessories, decor, gardening tools, and more.


The client wanted to keep up with the growing number of mobile consumers and ensure their businesses’ omnichannel presence.

They also needed to ensure that their warehouses and distributed points of sale worked together seamlessly, as the client’s product catalog has more than 120,000 SKUs.

The client is a company with massive growth up speed which has a lot of challenges on both the technical and management sides. Besides, other requirements such as team size change frequently, high coding quality and complicated processes also need to be addressed.


TECHVIFY was selected as the partner with years of experience in this industry to design and develop a mobile-friendly e-Commerce solution.

UI/UX design

TECHVIFY creates a modern and responsive corporate website with a vital e-Commerce component. The project lasted a year and included stages such as business analysis, UX/UI design, development, and deployment.

Feature Implementation

TECHVIFY collaborated with the client to select Magento software as the foundation for the responsive website. We implemented most of the required e-Commerce functionality thanks to the feature-rich core modules, which included a product catalog, user registration, shopping basket, loyalty, payment gate, data warehouse, recommendation system, and checkout.

The project included UI customization and branding following the client’s corporate style, which was essential to Magento development.

The TECHVIFY team used Microsoft SQL Server to store data from various modules such as reporting and analytics, inventory management, and order processing system. Our developers also implemented the WebPay API to ensure secure and quick payments.

Our team implemented solution review as the top-most priority to have a scalable and good-quality product.

Coding quality

Besides, coding quality was the first step we must follow when joining the project.

  • Code analyze and quickly fix convention problems
  • Optimize code formatted
  • Detect bugs, vulnerabilities, and code smells in your code
  • Snapshot testing result and save in codebase


Forecast human resources planned following project baseline and set up a call with Delivery Head every two weeks to report about ODC and to catchup product plan. Moreover, we set up a training pool to prepare a resource for the project and company.

Optimal process

The excellent process saved us time and effort and prevented issues:

  • Define process and template for the whole project team from BA, QA, Developer, PO, PM, and Marketing for every scenario.
  • Set up CICD (Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment), which includes SonarQube & Unit Test, which saves time and prevents mistakes when releasing.
  • Define Decision Maker and Contact Point for every milestone or release based on the feature we are working on.

Well prepared for every release brought us confidence for any case that could happen:

  • Release and process guidelines (for team and developer).
  • Person in charge of each release when it happens in parallel
  • Set up automation testing for regression tests and manual testing for the detailed cases to find out most bugs before release.


The client was satisfied with the outcomes and is now able to reach clients via a modern, convenient, and mobile-friendly e-Commerce website that is fully integrated with the company’s infrastructure.

The one-page checkout assisted the client in achieving a 2.5x increase in conversions in the first month of the solution’s release and reduced launching time by up to 20%. TECHVIFY is currently supporting and improving the website.

Technologies and Tools

  • Java, Spring Boot, NodeJS, ReactJS, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Magento, PHP, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Flutter, iOS, Android, GraphQL

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