Build an Electric Car Charging Infrastructure for Charging Stations

About Client

The client is an emerging sustainable energy solutions provider specializing in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. They aim to promote the adoption of electric vehicles by developing an advanced Electric Car Charging network. They were seeking a dynamic application that enables fast and easy access to certified charging stations for their users.


Flexible & expandable platform

Develop a scalable platform architecture from scratch to serve users in an Electric Car Charging network, allowing vehicle owners to reserve time slots for charging and ensure station availability.


The challenge involves designing a robust and fault-tolerant architecture capable of handling high user volume, implementing load balancing and scaling mechanisms, developing user-friendly reservation systems.

Large user base

The solution should meet the demands of a large user base, enable secure transactions, seamless billing, and offer compatibility with diverse charging station manufacturers.


To address the mentioned requirements, TECHVIFY’s development team has developed a comprehen a comprehensive solution with a multiplatform mobile application including various user-centric features, big data analysis with artificial intelligence, and server solutions for controlling charging stations.

Here is an overview of the solution’s key components:

  • Software-as-a-Service solution

The platform provides a Software-as-a-Service solution, allowing partners to easily integrate and utilize the application’s functionalities, such as accessing charging station data, managing reservations, and receiving analytics.

  • Multiplatform Mobile Applications

The application is available on multiple platforms, ensuring a seamless user experience across different devices, including smartphones and tablets. Users can access all features conveniently through mobile applications.

  • Content Managing System

A powerful Content Management System has been developed for business owners to manage and control their charging stations efficiently. The CMS provides access control, analytics, and billing data management features, empowering owners with comprehensive control over their charging infrastructure.

  • Big Data Analysis with Artificial Intelligence

The solution incorporates advanced big data analysis techniques and artificial intelligence algorithms to provide valuable insights and optimize charging station operations. This enables data-driven decision-making, predictive maintenance, and personalized user experiences.

  • Server Solution for Controlling Charging Stations

The solution includes a server as a central control system for charging stations. It collects and processes reservation requests, manages the queuing system, and controls charging point operations, ensuring efficient charging infrastructure utilization.

  • Finding and Booking Charging Stations

Users can easily find nearby charging stations through the application’s interactive map or list view. They can filter stations based on preferences and book charging sessions in advance, ensuring availability at the desired time.

  • Additional Service Booking

The application offers the option to book additional services at Electric Car Charging locations, such as hotel rooms or restaurant tables. Users can seamlessly integrate their charging session reservations with other amenities, enhancing convenience during their Electric Car Charging experience.

  • Notifications and Payment Integration

Users receive notifications about their charging sessions, including information about the received kilowatts and other relevant details. The application also enables users to make direct payments for charging sessions at paid stations, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free payment experience.

  • Route Planning and Station Filtering

The application features a route planning algorithm that suggests the most suitable charging locations based on user preferences, distance, and available charging infrastructure. Users can filter charging stations based on various criteria to find the most suitable options for their needs.

  • Independent Que Server and OCPP Servers

To efficiently manage reservations, our team developed an independent queue server that collects and organizes requests, controlling charging points’ on/off operations. In addition, the team developed all versions of OCPP servers from scratch to ensure compatibility with different EV protocols and implemented the OCPI protocol for flexible control of charging points.

The comprehensive solution provided by the TECHVIFY‘s development team caters to the needs of partners, EV owners, and charging station operators, offering seamless reservation management, powerful control systems, advanced analytics, and user-friendly mobile applications.

See details of TECHVIFY service: Custom application development


The mobile applications provided by the platform have empowered drivers to plan their routes efficiently, minimizing time spent on finding available charging stations.   

The platform’s partners have capitalized on this growth by offering additional services, attracting new customers, and expanding their business.  

The client was thrilled with the application and the positive results it has brought to the Electric Car Charging industry. 

Technologies and Tools

  • C++, Java, Go, PHP, Kotlin, Swift
  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Angular, HTTP, Restful API, RFID, AWS

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