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Create a Retail Facial Recognition Application

About Client

The client is a company that specializes in supplying the Retail Industry with a wide range of services. The client provides a unique service to retail products and serve a diverse range of customers globally.


Our client wanted to integrate suitable technology for recognizing the faces of people who enter the store and store their related information in a database for further analysis.

In fact, they found it difficult to implement a service personalization solution in their stores, including collecting customer data to create a unique shopping experience and enhance personalization.


The technical team has created a facial recognition system for retail applications using a combination of the algorithms above and techniques. This system consistently produces correct results, meets customer needs, and operates at a level of efficiency much above that of customer satisfaction.  

Face imaging and face recognition  

TECHVIFY engineers built the facial imaging feature and enhanced the app’s image capabilities using the Open Source Computer Visionframework during this phase. This is a very well-liked open-source toolkit in computer vision that enables flexible image and video processing.  

Face identification   

  • Preprocessing is a phase that aims to enhance image quality and guarantee that faces are visible and recognizable.  
  • Determine the unique points on the customer’s face to determine the landmarks for facial recognition.  
  • The facial identification method is carried out using calculated landmarks and unique criteria.   

Using facial recognition technology, the system will capture and save a picture of a customer’s face in a database as they enter the store. This makes it possible to identify and distinguish between various customers, giving valuable details about each one’s purchasing history and personal preferences.  

Based on previously saved information, the system will recognize the same person’s face when they visit the store again. Customers are greeted individually, and workers can access personal information like previous purchase histories, personal preferences, or Recommended items based on personal preferences. This helps provide a personalized shopping experience.  

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The client can customize the purchasing experience for each consumer thanks to facial recognition. Customers that return to the business are greeted differently, and personnel can provide personalized treatment based on personal information and previous purchase history. This gives clients a genuine and special feeling, encouraging engagement and loyalty. 

The system’s facial recognition data and customer information assist our client in analyzing client purchasing behavior, trends, and preferences. This information is critical to optimize marketing campaigns, manage inventories, and generate promotions based on individual requirements and preferences.  

As a result, applying our solutions helps them improve efficiency, improve conversion rates, and increase sales by 1.5 times. 

Technologies and Tools

  • .Net 2.0/3.5
  • C++
  • IPP
  • OpenCV library.

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