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About Client

The application was born out of our client’s desire to revolutionize construction industry and simplify the business side of construction. With decades of experience in the field, they have encountered common pitfalls such as overpriced estimates, unrealistic deadlines, and lengthy contract negotiations. To address these issues and bring transparency to the bidding process, our client developed Construct Connect.

Our client’s vision is to create a more efficient and accessible construction industry by promoting transparency and simplifying the business aspects of construction projects.


The project presented several challenges that required careful consideration such as

  • Flow Management: Efficiently handling multiple simultaneous flows within the service was complex. Users could simultaneously engage in several bids, demanding robust management and control mechanisms.
  • Dynamic Listings: Implementing active listings to display the nearest contractors based on users’ location posed technical challenges. Accurate location tracking, real-time updates, and seamless integration were crucial for reliable results.
  • Technical Complexities: Overcoming technical complexities, including system integration, data synchronization, and API management, was essential to ensure seamless functionality and user experience.
  • Page Loading Optimization: Optimizing page loading times was critical to providing a smooth and responsive user experience. Reducing latency, optimizing data retrieval, and implementing efficient caching strategies were key considerations.

Additionally, the client was searching for a dependable, experienced technology partner with skilled and professionals who can work in different time zones and provide support 24/7.

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Our client was looking for assistance in addressing user pain points and implementing innovative features. Our team work tightly with the client and came up with ideas that would effectively solve these problems.

With a solid plan, the TECHVIFY engineers began building the web application from scratch, meticulously designing the architecture. To ensure optimal performance, we leveraged Angular for the front end and harnessed the power of Node.js for the back end.

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Noticeable benefits

We provided expert guidance on the best approaches to implement these features, ensuring smooth integration and successful execution.

The platform offers a range of features to enhance project management and facilitate efficient bidding processes.

Posting managers have the ability to create projects and make real-time updates, including additional requirements and supporting documentation, keeping bidders informed of any changes.

The platform also provides a dedicated section for each project where project details and requirements can be discussed in a live discussion format. The bidding engine enables contractors to submit bids, attaching messages and adjusting their bids as project requirements evolve.

Contractors can also view a list of bids from other participants for better insight. Furthermore, the platform prioritizes location-based contractor listings, ensuring that the nearest contractors to a user’s location are prominently displayed on the listing page, facilitating convenient and efficient contractor selection.


The solution developed for our client, successfully addressed the typical obstacles construction businesses face. It accomplished this by enabling posting managers to effortlessly access the best offers available, empowering contractors to generate more precise estimates, eliminating the need for excessive phone calls, and streamlining laborious processes.

The application has improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness and enhanced stakeholder communication for the client company’s overall performance.

Technologies and Tools

  • Angular, Typescript, Express.js, Node.js
  • PostgreSQL

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