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Implementation of Customized Billing Solution

About Client

The Client is a globally recognized online sportswear company established in 2018. With its headquarters located in Singapore, the company caters to customers from all around the world.


The Client employed a payment platform provided by a third-party. It seemed convenient to manage recurring payments initially, but difficulties arose over time.

One challenge was the escalating costs due to business growth, straining the Client’s finances.

Another issue was the need for more flexibility and customization options, which help to operate efficiently and offer personalized services.

Therefore, the Client sought alternative options by developing their payment system instead of maintaining the current system is a 3rd party service provided.


Tightly Collaboration

TECHVIFY’s team collaborated closely with stakeholders, including the client and their developers. Our experts swiftly acquired a broad comprehension of the solution’s functionality and interconnections, as well as detailed requirements and specifications to start implementing it promptly.

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Cloud-based Billing Environment

The Custom Billing Environment comprised:

  • Invoicing System

A customized invoicing system was developed to generate and manage invoices efficiently, ensuring accuracy and timeliness in billing processes.

  • Invoice Payment Processing

The system implemented functionality for seamless payment handling, facilitating secure and streamlined transaction processing.

  • Member Notifications

Integration member notifications kept customers well-informed about their billing status, enhancing communication and increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Integrated Payment and Credit Note

An integrated payment and credit note feature was implemented to ensure accurate payment reconciliation.

  • Accounting System

Integration with the accounting system was a critical aspect of the Custom Billing Environment. This feature ensured the synchronization of financial data and streamlined financial processes.

  • Financial and Business Reporting

Comprehensive reporting functionality was implemented, providing detailed insights into billing operations and facilitating better decision-making and financial performance analysis.

  • UI Tools

User interface tools were incorporated to support smooth system operation, efficient navigation, and enhanced productivity and user experience.

  • Scalability

The solution was inherently scalable, automatically adjusting the number of app servers based on the workload to ensure optimal performance and resource allocation. Scalable cloud resources, such as storage and publish-subscribe messaging, accommodated varying demands and efficiently handled increasing volumes of data and transactions.

  • Fault-Tolerance

With a strong emphasis on system reliability, the implemented billing solution ensured minimal downtime and uninterrupted operations. In the event of any issues, the system could automatically recover, reducing the impact on the user operations. Centralized log systems were strategically integrated to capture comprehensive information about the system’s state, facilitating efficient troubleshooting and rapid recovery from potential setbacks.

  • Modifiability

The platform’s design focused on modifiability and adaptability. It was constructed with a layered architecture, allowing for easy adoption of updates, conceptual changes, and the addition of new features.


The successful integration of the new billing platform into the Customer’s online marketplace has yielded significant benefits. Users can now efficiently handle billing-related processes within the Customer’s site, eliminating the need to navigate to external platforms. This streamlined approach has enhanced user convenience and improved overall user experience. The platform entirely replaced the functionality of the previous solution and demonstrated inherent scalability, sustainability, and audibility.

Continuous communication was established with the Customer’s developers, employees, and relevant third parties to ensure detailed requirements and specifications were met. This proactive approach ensured that all necessary information was gathered and incorporated into the development process, guaranteeing a successful implementation.

Technologies and Tools

  • Framework: .NET, ASP.NET, AngularJS
  • Cloud-based infrastructure: Docker, Google Cloud
  • Database: Mongo DB, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Communication: Owin, NServiceBus, Rabbit MQ
  • Report: Grafana, Kibana, Tablo BI
  • SAP, UI Tools

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