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TECHVIFY is the top leading Golang development company in Vietnam. Our talented and skilled software engineers deliver Golang development services to match your business needs. 

The Advantages of Golang Programming Language 

On September 21, 2007, three Google programmers, Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson, began drafting criteria for a new programming language to overcome the limitations of other programming languages such as C, C++, Java, …

On November 10, 2009, Golang (also called Go) became an open-source programming language. Golang was designed to make the development process more productive and scalable, eliminating the slowness of software projects. 

Golang programming language has risen to the top three in just a decade. Go is used by the world’s leading technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Uber, Twitch, Dropbox, and more.

Go is popularly used for developing complex concurrent apps with exceptional scalability, flexibility, and garbage collection. It is based on the syntax of the C programming language. Working with Go has the following benefits: 

High Performance

 Golang was explicitly designed for cloud computing. It provides excellent tools for writing high-quality, simple code. This language ensures that your product loads quickly, resulting in a smooth user experience on web and mobile apps. 

Rapid Development 

Golang is a compiled language that is easy to learn, develop, and scale. Golang developers have been the top choice in web app development and, more recently. 

Easy Maintenance 

The key here is that Go is easy to customize and flexible. Software developers can grasp and modify each other’s code without difficulty. 


With extensive and complex microservices-based projects, Golang is an excellent consideration due to its smoothness and acceleration of the scaling process. 

Secure Development 

Data handling and garbage collection will keep your products safe indefinitely from potentially fatal errors and memory leaks. This language is also reliable when developing solutions using firewalls. 


TECHVIFY – The Leading Golang development company in Vietnam

TECHVIFY Software has skilled and experienced software developers using the Go programming language to create custom, fast, secure, and result-driven web applications.   

Our tech team performs all necessary phases, including design, development, testing, and deployment, which ensure that your web apps are always up-to-date, run smoothly, and achieve high performance on any web and mobile platform.  

Golang development services

Furthermore, clients trust and hire Golang developers from TECHVIFY since we have many advantages below: 

  • Master Agile methodology  
  • Flexible hiring model 
  • Use result-oriented approach 
  • Complete your project on time software developers.
  • Implement the Golang project with scalability. 
  • Ensure software quality assurance. 
  • Models of flexible engagement 
  • Priority security 
  • Transparency guaranteed 
  • Align time zone 

IT Staff Augmentation

You can hire dedicated Golang developers of TECHVIFY who match your skills and expertise requirements Go not only developers and any tech stack you want like Java, Node.js, React.js, Vue.js, .NET/C#… (Read more)

Golang Dedicated Team

In the concept of the ODC model, we deliver a dedicated team of innovative software engineers, designers, quality assurance specialists, and project managers. that get your project successful.

Golang Outsourcing

We provide an end-to-end Golang web application development solution to help transform your ideas into real products.


Our Golang Development Services 

With our extensive Golang expertise, TECHVIFY has been developing fast and secure Golang outsourcing solutions to deal with back-end and front-end technology. No matter your project’s complexity, we can help your company use Go to achieve its objectives. 

Golang Consulting 

Our dedicated Golang experts are always ready to consult on the best option to help you get an advantage over your competitors in the market. 

Cloud & Network Services 

The cloud and network services we offer bring a balance of excellent performance and productivity for your product, helping companies build and scale cloud computing systems with low latency. 

Command-line Interfaces (CLIs) 

We take advantage of rapid compile times to deliver applications that operate on all systems and launch quickly. Our CLI developers use Go to build portable, performant, and simple automation software solutions. 

Web development 

Transform your ideas into reality with our speed, security, and easy-to-use Golang web app development services. Our Golang team has in-depth knowledge of developing fast and scalable web applications on any environment and platform. 

Development Operations & Site Reliability Engineering 

Our team implements tooling and automation to improve software development, deployment, and support. We assist engineering companies in automating tasks and enhancing continuous integration and delivery. 

Migration to Golang 

With TECHVIFY, you can easily migrate old code from your current tech stack to Golang. We use Golang to upgrade and optimize resource-intensive systems to reduce maintenance costs. 

Golang Support and Maintenance 

Our skilled developers at TECHVIFY are available to you even after completing the project. We assist with problem-solving as well as getting updates and routine maintenance for your apps. 


Our Agile Golang Development Process 

At TECHVIFY, you can hire Go developers with the skills and expertise required who follow a strict and transparent process flow to create best-in-class Golang enterprise apps.

Here is the Golang development process that we apply: 

  • Take requests and make a plan 
  • UI/UX Design 
  • Start development 
  • QA and testing 
  • Deployment 
  • Maintain & Support 

We Serve Various Industries 

We serve you no matter what type of field you operate in. Our Go developers deliver high-quality mobile, web, and cloud-based applications within a wide range of industries effortlessly.

Education  Ecommerce & Retail Logistics and transportation 
FinTech  Advertising & Marketing  Healthcare 
Entertainment  Travel & Hospitality Sports & Fitness
Social Networking Photo & Video Business
Medical & Pharmacy Music Finance

Go Development Services – FAQs 

Do you offer a project manager for my project? 

Yes. Depending on the corporate model you choose, you could monitor the whole project directly, or we can appoint an experienced project manager who manages, ensures the timeline, and reports the project progress regularly to you. 

How about my project’s authority? 

To ensure your authority over the project, we provide documentation such as copyright, nondisclosure agreements, intellectual property rights, source code, and more. You will have complete control over your Golang project. 

What is Golang best fitted for? 

As Go provides fast outcomes while requiring minimal investment, it is popular for: 
– AI development
– Microservices development
– Cloud app development
– Support & maintenance
– Golang integration services

What makes Golang become a favorite choice over other programming languages?

Go software development can provide best-in-class enterprise apps & optimum web solutions, which are simple and quick maintenance. Scalability and garbage collection are two of the many advantages of Go. Here are some pros of Golang over several other common languages: 
– Easy to learn 
– Building teams at a large scale is cheaper compared to C# or Java 
– Faster performance than Python 
– Greater security and code safety than NodeJS 
– Compared to Node and Java, Go is easier to launch, update, and maintain.

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