5 Best Mortgage CRM to Choose in 2024

If you’re using a spreadsheet to track your mortgage leads and clients manually, you’re using time that could be better spent elsewhere in your mortgage business. Generating leads and building strong relationships with the best mortgage CRM is a vital tool for your business.

But how do you choose the right mortgage CRM for your business? What features make a mortgage CRM effective? Our CRM guide will help you understand how a suitable CRM tool can streamline managing customer interactions, automate routine tasks, and help you make mortgage CRM comparison to achieve your business objectives.

I. Understanding Mortgage CRM

If you’re in the lending industry, you understand that building strong customer relationships is key to a successful business.

CRM software, or Customer Relationship Management, is the ideal solution.

Mortgage CRM Software is crafted specifically for mortgage experts to organize leads and client details effectively. A good Mortgage loan CRM should manage, oversee, and strengthen ties with both potential and current clients.

However, the best mortgage CRM systems offer more than just good client management. The best CRM for mortgage professionals should also work well with powerful loan origination software (LOS) to keep a smooth flow in the lead management process.

Mortgage CRM

Mortgage CRM

This ensures regular contact with clients, a key feature of top mortgage CRM solutions. It helps identify leads, transform them into potential clients, and finally, secure deals.

II. Key Benefits of Mortgage CRM For Your Business

1. Data Management

A data-centric approach is crucial in the mortgage sector. Mortgage CRMs enable brokers and bankers to manage client data effectively, fostering personalized customer experiences and informed decision-making.

Mortgage professionals can gather essential client information using customizable forms, while advanced analytics provide insights into lead conversions and mortgage applications.

2. Centralized Tracking

Mortgage CRMs allow loan officers to track client preferences and needs, offering targeted services through strategic communication. Real-time tracking of client data ensures a smooth mortgage process, enhances personalized communication, and sets your business apart from competitors.

3. Drip Marketing

Drip marketing in Mortgage CRMs helps loan officers maintain contact with leads and clients, automating personalized marketing to strengthen brand loyalty and trust.

4. Productivity and Accuracy

Mortgage CRMs reduce human error in mortgage processing by automating data management and client interactions. They streamline the mortgage journey, from lead generation to deal closure, improving internal communication and collaboration.

5. Automated Customer Interaction

Mortgage CRMs provide instant, personalized client communication, enhancing customer experience. Automated features like email marketing and real-time dashboards ensure efficient client engagement and team coordination.

6. Workflow Optimization

Mortgage CRMs streamline workflows, improving efficiency and data collection. By identifying and addressing bottlenecks, lenders can handle more applications and stay competitive in the dynamic mortgage market.

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III. The Best Mortgage CRM of 2024

1. Velocify

best mortgage crm


Velocify is recognized as a leading CRM software, serving a substantial client base of over 1,500 companies. It integrates digital marketing, sales, customer service, and advanced communication to enhance lead generation, client conversion, and sales velocity while prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Key features: 

  • Unified dashboard for sales and marketing
  • Management of sales pipeline
  • Analytical insights from data
  • Automated marketing through email and SMS
  • Scheduled reminders for callbacks
  • In-built mortgage mentorship
  • Management of referrals
  • Customized presentations for loan scenarios


Interested parties need to contact them directly for a personalized pricing structure.


  • Customization: Users value the system’s adaptability for enhancing marketing and contact rates.
  • Feature-Rich: The CRM’s click-to-dial, activity logging, and call-tracking features are praised for efficient lead management.
  • Intelligent Lead Prioritization: Velocify optimizes sales by targeting the most relevant leads at the right times.


  • Pricing Transparency: Users report billing issues, such as charges for unused licenses and challenges in obtaining refunds or support.
  • Dialer Functionality: Some users experience problems with the dialer, especially lag issues during remote work compared to in-office use.

2. BNTouch Mortgage

mortgage crm software

BNTouch Mortgage

BNTouch Mortgage CRM offers a comprehensive digital platform integrating marketing, analytics, and POS tools. These components work together seamlessly, driving business growth and competitive advantage through distinctive features.

Key Features: 

  • Affordable pricing options for all budgets
  • Automated SMS marketing
  • Efficient management of lead distribution
  • Email marketing capabilities.
  • Exclusive tools for mortgage professionals
  • Online application forms
  • Ready-to-use marketing materials
  • Automated and handpicked content for social media


Costs vary, starting at $148/month for individual users and reducing to $69/month per user for teams of 10 or more. An activation fee, between $69 and $99, applies.


  • High Satisfaction: Users report great satisfaction, affirming the CRM’s effectiveness.
  • Competitive Edge: BNTouch stands out, especially for its user-friendly design and efficient functionalities.
  • Rich Toolset: The CRM offers a broad range of tools for comprehensive mortgage management.


  • Service Concerns: Users have noted service issues, including dissatisfaction with fee resolutions.
  • Support Limitations: Customer support is sometimes seen as lacking, with a reliance on tutorial videos over direct help.
  • Initial Complexity: Newcomers may initially find the system complex, potentially affecting feature adoption.

3. Mortgage iQ

mortgage crm systems

Mortgage iQ

Mortgage iQ is a CRM solution tailored for mortgage and lending firms. It offers specialized features that may surpass broader CRM systems. It equips users with tools and strategies for fostering sustained business growth.

Key Features: 

  • Efficient handling of leads
  • Comprehensive marketing solutions including email and drip campaigns.
  • Support for correspondent and direct consumer lending.
  • Compatibility with iCloud
  • Seamless integration with platforms like Facebook, Five9, Wufoo, and Contact Center Compliance
  • A variety of templates and a user-friendly template editor


Interested parties need to reach out directly for personalized pricing details.


  • Comprehensive Integration: Mortgage iQ serves as an all-encompassing CRM for entire organizations.
  • Robust Workflow Management: It excels in managing workflows, mobile, and lead management.
  • Superior Marketing and Lead Handling: The platform streamlines marketing automation and lead management.
  • Strategic Business Planning: Mortgage iQ goes beyond CRM, aiding business strategy and planning.


  • Limited Online Footprint: Mortgage iQ’s online presence is smaller, affecting perceived reliability.
  • Restricted Tracking Features: The platform has limitations in loan and data tracking.
  • Limited Analytics: Analytical features are somewhat constrained, affecting data-driven decisions.

4. Shape Mortgage

best crm for mortgage

Shape Mortgage

Shape Mortgage CRM is robust software tailored for the mortgage sector. It leverages ShapeIQ technology to assess and rank mortgage leads effectively, streamlining their management in your sales funnel.

Key Features: 

  • ShapeIQ Technology
  • Management of Documents
  • Synchronization with LOS
  • Automation of Campaigns
  • Scoring of CRM Leads and Mortgages
  • Pipelines with Priority


Monthly subscription of $99 per licensed user


  • User-Friendly: Users value the CRM’s straightforward marketing automation and easy client management.
  • Great Customer Service: The CRM is known for reliable and excellent customer support.
  • Efficient Contact Management: Tools for contact management and prospecting streamline lead handling and collaboration.
  • Automation: Automated campaigns save time and enhance workflow efficiency.
  • Good Integration: The CRM is praised for its seamless integration and functionality.


  • Cost Concerns: Some users find the CRM expensive, despite recognizing its value.
  • Billing Issues: Reports of billing problems and difficulties in customer service resolution.
  • Complexity: A few users mention a steep learning curve and complexity in using some features.

5. Surefire CRM

top mortgage crm

Surefire CRM

Surefire CRM stands out as a CRM solution tailored for mortgage loan officers. It’s designed with numerous automated features, minimizing the need for manual input. This automation streamlines operations and frees up time and resources, enabling officers to enhance client relationships and pursue new leads generated by the CRM.

Key Features: 

  • User-friendly processes
  • Tailorable to needs.
  • Consistent engagement with potential clients
  • Targeted generation based on location and demographics.
  • Exceptional client support
  • Seamless system compatibility
  • Planned paths for future enhancements.
  • Capacity for growth


  • Starts at $150/month for each user, with various pricing levels available.


  • User-Friendly: Surefire CRM is known for its easy navigation and user-friendly interface.
  • Strong Marketing: Offers robust marketing content to engage clients effectively.
  • Enhances Relationships: Aids in maintaining strong connections with clients and partners.
  • Automates Tasks: Streamlines time-consuming tasks, freeing up valuable time.
  • Responsive Support: Provides helpful and quick customer support.


  • Complex Reporting: The self-service reporting feature is not very intuitive.
  • Limited Comparisons: Comparing features and pricing with other platforms can be challenging.
  • Campaign Tools: Users should carefully assess the campaign management tools to ensure they meet their needs.

IV. How to Choose the Best Mortgage CRM

Selecting the ideal mortgage CRM requires careful consideration of your specific business needs. Here are key factors to guide your decision:

Factors  Why This Factor? 
Integration  Look for a mortgage CRM that integrates smoothly with your current systems. If the integration process is overly time-consuming or complex, consider alternatives that align better with your existing infrastructure.
Pricing  Budget is crucial when choosing a mortgage CRM. While opting for the most advanced system is tempting, assess your current needs. If a more affordable option meets your requirements for the next few years, it’s worth considering.
Scalability  Your mortgage CRM should grow with your business. Evaluate how a CRM fits your current needs and its capacity to adapt as your business evolves over time.
Ease of Implementation  Investigate how simple it is to implement a CRM. A system might look impressive, but there might be better choices if it’s too complex or cumbersome for daily operations.


The right Mortgage CRM is pivotal for enhancing client relationships and operational efficiency in the lending industry. Each platform, from Velocify to Surefire CRM, offers unique benefits, but the key lies in selecting a system that aligns with your business’s specific needs and growth trajectory.

Remember, the decision is more than just features and pricing; it’s about finding a seamless, scalable, and user-friendly solution. For expert guidance in making this crucial choice and implementing the ideal CRM, contact TECHVIFY. Our CRM specialists are committed to elevating your mortgage business with top-tier solutions.

Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation: Software Development Services Company



A robust mortgage CRM should offer comprehensive lead management, automated communication, and seamless integration with loan origination systems.

The cost of a mortgage CRM can vary widely, typically ranging from $50 to over $150 per user per month, depending on features and customization.

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