Outsource Angular Development Services

Outsource Angular development services from TECHVIFY to build the best mobile and web applications at reasonable prices and save your time.

What is Angular? 

Angular is known as a platform for developing apps in HTML and TypeScript that is notable for its front-end development capabilities. It provides core and optional functionality as a collection of TypeScript libraries that you can import into your applications. 

This framework is packed with top features that have made it an excellent choice for creating software, regardless of its engaging interface development projects, complex mobile applications, and more. 

Why Choose Our Angular Outsourcing? 

There are various reasons why you should choose Angular as the technology for your projects.   

High speed 

Thanks to development tools built into the framework, projects with outsourced Angular development could be finished faster and still ensure quality. 


For projects that require animation, testing, or accessibility, then Angular is a perfect choice. 

Great user support 

Angular development software is assisted by a large community of developers and experts around the world through extensive support channels and a large and active ecosystem. That is why every issue is handled easily when working with Angular. 

Powerful and easy to use. 

The component-based architecture of Angular is robust, simple, and full of expressive potential, making it ideal for developing websites and a variety of other services. 

TypeScript use 

The toolkit is TypeScript’s most important cutting-edge. Angular supports refactoring, modern auto-completion, and navigation. This is especially useful in large-scale projects. 

Let’s talk about your project.

Our Angular Development Services

Here are the main Outsource Angular development services that we provide:   

Custom software development  TECHVIFY provides end-to-end custom Angular solutions designed to meet your specific requirements and goals. Our dedicated development team will help you create powerful and effective final products from A to Z. 
Cross-platform development  Based on the versatility of Angular, our team develops and expands progressive cross-platform apps, including open-source projects, mobile apps, desktop applications, and so on. 
Angular consulting  TECHVIFY has over 500 software engineers with many testers, designers, and consultants capable of designing and building the best Angular software for businesses in any industry. Let our dedicated team get started on your projects and consult on the best software solution to make your great ideas into reality.  
QA and testing  We offer the best testing services beyond clients’ expectations. Our tester engineers will check and regularly test to find unexpected spaces, bugs, and other performance issues, then fix them all using the latest tools. 
Angular support and maintenance  Hire Angular developers from us and you will never worry about anything. TECHVIFY’s support team assists you with any issues and questions during and even after the project.   
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What more Angular services do we also supply? 

No matter what you want to develop or which industry you belong to, we are ready to deliver top-notch services that match your demands and goals perfectly. 

  • Angular Web Development
  • Angular Mobile App Development
  • Front-end Development


  • Angular Migration & Upgrades
  • Real-time Application Development
  • Enterprise Software Development

Technology Stack 

Skills  HTML5 | CSS | AJAX | XHTML 
Databases  CouchDB | PostgreSQL | Firebase | MySQL | RethinkDB | MongoDB 
Tools  Grunt | Redis | XML | jQuery | Express.js | REST | JSON | Gulp | Bootstrap | SOAP | Mean.io | Socket.io 
CMS  WordPress | Drupal | CosmicJS | Umbraco 
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Our Main Advantages  

TECHVIFY is known as one of the leading software development companies in Vietnam. We have years of experience developing progressive Angular development solutions that help many enterprises handle their pain points.   

IT talent pool  We have 500+ talented software engineers who have implemented and completed hundreds of projects in many industries, including healthcare, fintech, e-learning, insurance, etc. 
Competitive prices  Compared to other competitors at the moment, the rate level that we offer is more reasonable, while we still ensure high-quality output results. 
Reliable services  We are proud to provide the best solutions trusted by more than 120 clients from many countries worldwide for years. 
Excellent support  TECHVIFY receives 5-star feedback from many valued customers and partners, many of whom have used our services not only once but multiple times. 
Fluent in English  Our dedicated team is not only well-versed in the software development field but also fluent in foreign languages, including English. That is why there is no barrier in communication between TECHVIFY’s outsourcing developers and your in-house team while working on the project. 
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Angular Development Services- FAQs 

How do I hire your Angular software developers for my project? 

It is so simple. To start with us, please fill out the order form and provide some details about your demands and project. We will respond soon (generally within 24 hours). Our customer support team will consult on the best solution and give you a quote. 

Tell me about the time to finish an Angular project. 

It depends on many elements, such as customization, the project’s scope, the number of functionalities, technology, integrated features, etc. Typically, our team needs weeks to months to develop an app.

Does your team support you on weekends? 

Yes, we do. Whenever you have any issues that need support, we are always here all day and night, including on weekends and holidays. We not only deliver high-quality and reliable software solutions but also bring satisfaction to clients on each project. 

How can TECHVIFY handle quickly ramping up a large team that speaks English well? 

To assist your project in reducing costs and meeting this resource need on time, we propose dividing it into several small Scrum teams. TECHVIFY typically takes two weeks to scan the resources and organize and assign a suitable team. 

How about the cost of developing an Angular app? 

The cost of building your app will be counted based on the complexity, the number of Angular developers hired & their skillset, the type of service, and more.

For an exact quote, feel free to connect with us via (+84) 2477762666 or Email: [email protected].
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