PHP Development Services

PHP Development Services has been one of the most popular outsourcing services for at least the last decade. Because of its inherent cost-effectiveness and great platform flexibility, PHP has led the software engineering scene as a premier programming language. TECHVIFY can help you accomplish your business goals by providing fully customized PHP development services. Regardless of your industry or the intricacy of your project, we have a specialist Team ready to move it forward.

What Is PHP Development?

PHP development is the process of using the PHP programming language to develop dynamic and interactive websites, online applications, and software solutions. It is a server-side scripting language that is well-known for its ease of use, versatility, and functionality. It seamlessly connects with different web technologies, databases, and APIs designed for various web development projects. PHP is backed by a big and active community that offers a diverse set of resources, frameworks, and libraries. Its open source, cross-platform functionality, and extensibility let programmers build a variety of web applications.


Custom PHP Development Services

What Is PHP Development Used for?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a well-known open-source programming language that is largely used in web development. It can be inserted in HTML and run on the server, resulting in dynamic web pages. It is specifically used in web development for a variety of applications, including.

Server-side scripting PHP is mostly used for server-side scripting or creating dynamic content that is transmitted to a client’s web browser while running on a web server. It makes it possible to build dynamic, interactive online applications.
Web application development Web application development can be facilitated by offering a robust framework and comprehensive resources. It can manage sessions, authenticate users, interface with databases, and conduct a variety of server-side operations.
Content Management Systems (CMS) Many popular CMS platforms, such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, are built with PHP. PHP allows developers to create custom themes, plugins, and extensions to extend the functionality of these CMSs.
E-commerce websites Extensively utilized for creating e-commerce websites and online shopping carts. It can manage orders, process product catalogs, interact with payment gateways, and conduct safe transactions.
Database interaction Developers can easily interact with the database to perform operations such as retrieving, storing, modifying, and deleting data because it supports multiple databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc.
API development PHP can be used to create APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), which ease the creation of online services by enabling communication between various software programs as well as data integration and exchange.
Web services and APIs consumption Used to access online services and APIs made available by other programs or platforms. It enables developers to retrieve and process data from external sources, which they can then integrate into their applications.

PHP Development Services We Offer

01. Custom PHP Development Services 

Custom PHP development services involve the use of the PHP programming language to create custom web apps, websites, or software. To meet the individual demands of customers, these services encompass requirements analysis, solution design, coding, database integration, user interface development, testing, and deployment and offer customized solutions to achieve required functionality and web visibility. Skilled developers make ensuring that clean code, effective performance, and ongoing maintenance are all achieved to satisfy customer expectations.

02. PHP Web Application Development 

PHP is used for web application development, including server-side processing, HTML generation, database communication, and user interactions. Frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, or CakePHP aid in development speed, security, and code organization.

The process involves gathering requirements, architecture design, coding, database integration, and testing. PHP online applications include CMS, e-commerce, social media, CRMs, with features like authentication, data validation, file management, API integration. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used for user interfaces. Developers create scalable, secure apps tailored to specific needs using frameworks and best practices.

03. PHP Developers for Hire

Quality programmers always be found at TECHVIFY because they are all equipped with the following qualities:

Developers have strong PHP programming skills, familiarity with applicable frameworks, and an understanding of other web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Our previous projects and portfolios have all excelled in terms of work quality, capacity to manage similar projects, and suitability for your specific needs.

Effective communication and collaboration are essential for project success. TECHVIFY assures that the PHP developers you employ are communicative, responsive, and can collaborate well with your team.

Our PHP Development Process

01. Requirements Gathering Begin with comprehending and documenting the customer’s needs for a PHP project. Define intended goals, functionalities, features, and any design or specification requirements.
02. System Design Create a high-level system design for the PHP application, outlining the architecture, components, and database structure. At this level, consider scalability, security, and performance.
03. Technology selection Based on project needs and team expertise, select the best PHP framework. Choose technologies, libraries, and support tools that are in line with the project’s objectives.
04. Development Begin coding PHP applications while adhering to coding standards and best practices. Based on agile or iterative development methods, divide development work into modules or sprints. Implement the needed functionality, connect to the database, and manage user interactions.
05. Testing and Quality Assurance Conduct extensive testing to ensure that the PHP application is functioning properly. Unit integration and system testing should be performed to discover and address faults or errors. Performance, security, and compatibility with various browsers or devices should all be tested.
06. Deployment Configure the hosting, server, and database infrastructures before deploying the PHP application. Apps should be optimized for performance and security. Apps can be deployed to live servers or cloud storage platforms.
07. User Acceptance Testing Participate in user acceptance testing (UAT) with customers or end users to get input and check that the PHP application satisfies their requirements and expectations.
08. Launch and Support Launch the PHP application for public use once it has passed the UAT and been approved. As needed, provide continuing support, maintenance, and upgrades to maintain the seamless operation of the application and resolve any issues.


TECHVIFY – The Best PHP Development Company

  • High Adaptability

Wherever you are, in Vietnam or the global arena, you will be served with the same understanding and professionalism from our team.

  • Responsibility

Your problem is our concern. We continuously monitor clients’ issues and put ourselves wholeheartedly in their shoes.

Your satisfaction drives our prompt support with a sincere attitude.

  • Trustworthiness

Our passion for technology, especially Agile, DevOps, hybrid cloud, and innovative technologies, approaches our solutions for customers.

Clients trust us because of our endeavors and responsibilities. We devote ourselves to our work with a straightforward process.

  • Fast project kickoff

From signing the contract to launching the development process, we aim to have your fully functional software ready within 1-2 weeks.

Key Technologies & Frameworks

SYMFONY SYMFONY Your Symfony-based application has a wide range of functionalities. It consists of multiple PHP components, an app framework, and a unifying philosophy and community that all work together.
ZEND ZEND Zend is a professional suite of PHP tools for developing web applications and services, with over 480 million installs. It includes an object-oriented codebase and a variety of language features to help developers create clean and smart programs.
LARAVEL LARAVEL Laravel, an open-source PHP framework, provides MVC-based web app development. It makes daily duties easier, helping you to get your software to market faster.
CAKEPHP CAKEPHP An open-source rapid-development framework gives programmers a platform on which to build, resulting in a more robust application in less time. CakePHP assures that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and can rely on its well-tested core rather than constructing everything from scratch.
CODEIGNITER CODEIGNITER Jelvix uses Codeigniter, an open-source quick development framework, to create dynamic websites and apps that link to databases and perform numerous operations.
YII2 YII2 Yii2 is a component-based framework that makes it possible to create outstanding web apps quickly. Hire seasoned PHP developers with knowledge of Yii2, as they are a wonderful choice because of their simplicity, speed, and scalability.
PHALCON PHALCON The MVC-based PHP framework with the fastest performance is called Falcon. A creative app that exceeds the competition is made possible by its cutting-edge architecture and immersive experience.
php PHPIXIE An open-source web application framework called PHPixie is simple yet capable of managing and facilitating complex models. PHPixie asserts that “You have complete autonomy over what’s happening.”
FUELPHP FUELPHP The open-source online application framework FuelPHP is quick, effective, and incredibly adaptable. It speeds up the creation of new, creative web applications by combining the best pre-existing frameworks.


1. Does TECHVIFY offer to consult in PHP Development?

Yes, the End-to-end service we offer, which covers the entire process from consultation to completion, makes our organization unique both locally and internationally.

2. Can I require your team to improve my current application? 

As I mentioned earlier, we have various services to help you complete the final product. So, it is possible to improve your existing application; our experts will give you the best plans and technologies to improve your software to the fullest.

3. How much does it cost to hire a PHP developer?

The price of hiring a PHP developer might vary depending on the developer’s experience, skill level, location, project complexity, and hiring model. The hourly rate can range from $15 to $150 or more. More skilled and experienced developers frequently request greater fees. Costs are also influenced by location, with developers charging more in places with greater costs of living or in innovative hotspots. Other elements that affect prices include the project’s complexity, the additional services required, and the hiring model (full-time, freelance, or agency). Don’t be afraid to explain the specifics of your project with TECHVIFY in order to receive an accurate quotation. We guarantee to provide the most affordable price on the market without compromising quality.

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