TECHVICON#10: Introduce About Solid Principles

On August 10, TECHVICON #10, with the theme of “Solid Principles,” was officially held under the guidance of speaker Islam Towhidu. 

As a new member of TECHVIFY Software, Mr. Islam Towhidu, known by his dear name, Mr. “To” quickly immersed himself in the vibrant internal culture at TECHVIFY. In the recent TECHVICON #10, Mr. To was the main speaker leading the seminar with the topic “SOLID.” 

techvicon 10 01

SOLID is a fundamental principle in software architecture design. However, from theory to practice has a long distance that not everyone can apply skillfully. Mr. To is an enthusiastic developer with seven years of experience with small to large Java and .Net systems. In TECHVICON #10, he helped Techvifers deepen their understanding of SOLID and how to get closer to mastering this basic “martial art.” 

TECHVIFY pays much attention to developing high-quality human resources, thereby contributing to the formation and spread of internal culture. It is a culture that cares about developing employees, a culture of sharing and progressing together. 

Hopefully, through each issue of TECHVICON, the company will have one more opportunity to accompany all staff to overcome concerns in their career paths. 

[TECHVICON – A series of seminars exclusively for Techvifers (held twice a month) where we discuss and share knowledge on hot topics of technology and skills] 

Let’s review the helpful knowledge shared at TECHVICON #10: 

techvicon 10 02
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