TECHVICON is back! 

To welcome the first presentation of the new year 2023, we will present speaker Chloe Nguyen with a fascinating and necessary topic: Essential professional communication skills

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In the digital transformation era and the industrial revolution 4.0, the internet gradually plays a vital role in people’s lives. Because of this, many people also face the problem that direct communication with each other is not effective in life or daily work. 

With the leadership of the Head of CCM – Chloe Nguyen, Techvifers had a lively discussion together, thereby equipping them with the necessary Professional Communication skills. TECHVICON #16 then goes over the main points: Concise Communication, Clear Communication, Listening Skills, Creating Positive Relationships, Collaborative Problem Solving, and Communication Plan.  

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Through TECHVICON #16, we hope you have gained valuable knowledge and skills that can be applied at work. This is also an opportunity for TECHVIFY to accompany Techvifers as they overcome difficulties on their career journey and strongly spread their internal culture: a culture of sharing and growing together. 

[TECHVICON – A series of seminars exclusively for Techvifers (held once a month) where we discuss and share knowledge on hot topics of technology and skills]  

Let’s review the knowledge shared at TECHVICON #16. 

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