Telehealth Software for effortless Appointment Booking

About Client

The client is a The US-based telemedicine platform that enables doctors and patients to connect for clinical diagnosis and appointment booking.


To support online patient-doctor connections, the client decided to implement a custom telehealth and practice management solution instead of using the current system from a third party.

The client wanted to build a mobile application to manage medical records and medication history, as well as communication between doctors with patients to save time and money in clinical diagnosis, appointment booking, and routine follow-up appointments. The main requirements included:

  • Build mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Converting to scale up from single-tenant service to multi-tenant


Our domain experts joined the client for a thorough consultation. Then, we worked closely with the client to architect technology solutions to help them convert from tenant to multi-tenant service, move to could service, optimize cost, and find alternative solutions to set up the system.

The medical app development team at TECHVIFY created HIPAA-compliant iOS and Android apps that allow patients to easily book appointments and conference calls with their doctors via an encrypted video connection.

The app is fully connected with current practice management and workflow platforms. By providing patients with remote treatment and substituting reimbursable video visits for unpaid phone calls, doctors could improve patient outcomes by 2% to 5%.

Right before the conference, patient data is synced with the practice management system so that physicians or nurses have the necessary information at their fingertips.

The following features were available to patients:

User profile: modifying profile picture, password, privacy, and personal data, such as contact or address information.

Membership: patients can buy membership following monthly, quarterly, or yearly packages.

Clinical diagnosis: pre-diagnosis based on the patient’s symptoms and condition.

Medical records: management of medical records and medication histories like prescription drugs or supplements for patients.

Payment options: adding and updating credit card information, as well as adding a new card to the account.

Insurance information: adding information on the insurer. Patients have the choice to cover the cost of their own care.

Video appointments: checking the calendar for current and upcoming appointments as well as scheduling the following ones.


HIPAA-compliant iOS and Android versions of the Health platform was available to the client. In the following circumstances, patients can utilize this program to schedule appointments and receive video consultations:

  • Clinical diagnosis
  • Standard follow-ups
  • Issues with the illness, allergies, coughing, and fever
  • General queries about health
  • Needs for medication adjustment
  • Review of test results
  • Using this app saved the client up to 30% cost compared to the previous system.

Technologies and Tools

  • Java Springboot, NodeJS, ReactJS, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Cloud (AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, CICD, AI/ML Big Data
  • Flutter, iOS, Android, GraphQL

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