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With dedicated and experienced teams in software development, TECHVIFY has delivered powerful outsourcing solutions trusted by 120+ brands worldwide for years. We accompany clients to create lasting value throughout the digital transformation process.

What is offshore software development and why is IT important?

Offshore software development is when a company hires a dedicated software development team in an overseas country other than its main location. This development team operates as a company subsidiary and is commonly known as the offshore development center (ODC).

Offshore development centers help companies access a large number of IT talent, and meet the fast-growing needs of the development team while reducing costs while maintaining product performance and quality.

The Benefits of Offshore Software Development Services

Offshore software development model wherein the outsourcing vendor helps clients set up a software development team to work as their in-house team. ​


A large talent pool​

TECHVIFY provides complete resources for clients with​ top software engineers and foreign language fluency.


Flexible team structures​

Thanks to the flexibility to scale up or down the dedicated team, we can quickly adapt and meet every resource client’s demand.


Affordable prices​

We are confident that the rate card proposed to the client is highly competitive compared to other vendors in the same industry.​​


Optimal infrastructure & training

Using an ODC team helps you save costs on infrastructure, permanent recruitment, labor, and training.


High Security

TECHVIFY always follows a strict protocol to ensure information privacy. Our ISO 9001/27001 certificate for quality and security information is the proof.


Excellent Support

At Techvify, the ODC team is supported by multiple groups. The offshore development team delivers comprehensive support solutions 24 hours a day.

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Using Agile methodologies, the offshore team attends the regular daily meetings and reports directly to the client's project managers.

Way we communicate

As communication is one of the significant factors in the success of any project, TECHVIFY always focuses on setting a productive workflow and building professional relationships with clients.

An offshore development team works independently but communicates and provides status reports as often as you request.

Communication Channels

To get the most out of your software development journey,
use any communication channel below you choose to engage with us.


How to approach?

5 Steps to Working with an Offshore Software Development Company

Offshore Development Center

We help clients access the best software engineers with the expertise needed to meet clients' software development project demands.

How do You collaborate with Us?

  • Requirement TECHVIFY collects resource and technology stack requirements from the client.
  • CV Perparation TECHVIFY screens internal resources to match the client's requirements. ​
  • Client Interview The client proceeds to interview the team manager and evaluate the results via a codility test.
  • Contract Sign-off & Onboarding Set up infrastructure and the environment.
  • Team Take-off The offshore team starts working on​ the client’s projects​.

Our Technology Capability

With our comprehensive technical expertise and multi-domain experience,
we deliver innovative digital solutions for businesses worldwide in every industry.

Mobile App Development

Web App Development




  • TECHVIFY Software is a high-quality Vietnam-based custom software development outsourcing company with a branch in Japan. 
  • At TECHVIFY, we pride ourselves on delivering professional offshore development services trusted and recognized by many clients across the globe, including the USA, Japan, Australia, Europe, and more.

Our Achievements

The achievement is a testament to our continuous efforts to bring the highest quality of services to clients.
We are committed to the highest outcomes, dedicated customer service, and absolute confidentiality on each project.

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Our Services

TECHVIFY Offshore Software Development Services

TECHVIFY Software can provide a dedicated team to support the entire software development lifecycle
or add extra talent to your team on an on-demand for startups, SMBs, and enterprises

Dedicated Team

We offer all the roles to complete the development team you needed. The team typically includes a PM, Programmers, QA, and other roles that are depending on the specific project. We can quickly assemble a team ready to start your projects from prototyping to full-scale development. Contact Us

Staff Augmentation

Sometimes it's necessary to add new members to the development team. Hiring offshore developers helps you find the right peoples, which boosts the scalability and efficiency of your projects. They can speed up related to sourcing, recruiting, and retaining talented programmers to reach their goals faster & cost-efficiently. Contact Us

Our Expertise

We have creative, young, and software engineers with proven experience in
various fields of custom software, web, and mobile application development

Healthcare & Medical
Financial & Banking
Retail & E-Commerce
Travel & Hospitality
Transport & Logistic

3 Reasons To Choose Us


High Adaptability

Wherever you are, you will be served with our team's same understanding and professionalism. Our human resources hold years of experience in working with overseas clients.


Meeting your expectations is at the top of our priorities. We always keep an eye on clients' issues and put ourselves in their shoes. Your satisfaction drives our prompt support with a sincere attitude.


Clients trust us by the endeavor and responsibility we devote to our work with an optimal and clear development process.

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