Top 10 Offshore Software Development Companies

Companies are almost finding a way to keep up with the rapid evolution of technology in the digitalization era. Hiring an offshore software development company is one of the most effective solutions to update technological advances for products quickly.

Nowadays, the demand for experienced software engineers is sky-high. As a result, companies are outsourcing the entire or part of the software development project. This strategy can provide a range of benefits to companies looking to reduce costs, access skilled talent, and improve project outcomes.

There are thousands of companies providing offshore development services around the world. That’s why you may find it challenging to choose the right one. This article will list the top 10 offshore software development companies. We hope you make the decision easier.

I. What is offshore software development?

Offshore software development is hiring a software development company from a foreign country to develop software for a company in another country. It allows companies to access a larger pool of skilled software developers while reducing labor costs. Offshore software development companies, such as India, China, Ukraine, or Vietnam, are typically located in developing countries with lower labor costs.

There is a wide range of considerations to make while developing a software product, such as team management, timeframes, and technical specifications. Using offshore software development services is currently the best choice because this will make your projects more simple and optimal.


Offshore outsourcing software development company

II. How does it work?

The offshore software development process depends on many factors, such as the characteristics of each project, development methodologies, and specific software vendors. However, the process typically includes the following:

Step 1: Collect requirements from clients

This phase involves collecting all the project requirements through different communication channels between the client and the offshore development team.

Step 2: Research and analysis

After defining the scope of work and the client’s needs, the development team researches the target audience, analyzes the data gathered, and determines the user design basics. The choices made at the designing step serve as the foundation for developing the entire software project.

Step 3: Make a plan

The offshore development provider builds a project plan, which includes lists of tasks, figuring out resources, setting up a project timeline with deadlines, budgeting for the project, and more.

Step 4: Design

The product development team decides your software needs and how it will look. Developers will first outline the application’s details and specific aspects, such as user interfaces, network requirements, databases, and system interfaces.

Step 5: Development

Development tasks are typically broken down during this phase to build the project in pieces. Developers write code and build applications following previously designed documents and specifications. The client might be involved in reviewing and providing feedback on the software.

Step 6: Testing

In this step, the offshore team will thoroughly review their program, looking for any faults or defects that must be tracked, rectified, and retested.

Step 7: Deployment and maintenance

Developers focus on deployment and upkeep. They are in charge of carrying out any adjustments. This can involve fixing any remaining flaws that could not be repaired before launch or resolving brand-new problems that emerge from user complaints.

III. Top 10 offshore software development companies in the world

Choosing a reputable offshore development partner can be a difficult task, as there are so many options available. To make the process easier, we have compiled a list of some of the top 10 offshore software development companies globally. These companies have a proven track record of delivering high-quality software solutions for a wide range of industries and have established themselves as leaders in their field. Whether you’re looking to outsource a specific project or build a long-term partnership, these companies are worth considering.

1. TECHVIFY Software

TECHVIFY is a familiar name in the outsourcing software development market. In recent years, they have been one of the best offshore software development choices for many business projects worldwide.

Founded in 2018, TECHVIFY has rapidly grown and expanded to become the leading Vietnam software development vendor. Now, we have offices in Hanoi, Danang, and Fukuoka with teams of highly skilled technical architects and senior software engineers.

We take great pride in providing reputable offshore development services trusted and recognized by many clients worldwide, including Singapore, Japan, Australia, the USA, Ukraine, Europe, and more.


TECHVIFY brings the best outcomes for our clients, satisfaction, and long-lasting value for customers after each project.

Main services offered.

Contact info

  • F2-3 Thanh Dong Building, 19 Lane To Huu Str, Nam Tu Liem Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • (+84)24.77762.666

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2. Saigon Technology

Saigon Technology has been a leading player in the international IT market for a decade, earning a reputation as the go-to software outsourcing company in Vietnam. The company’s popularity with global clients can be attributed to its high ranking in the list of 15 Best Software Companies in Vietnam, as determined by the Vietnam Software Association. Additionally, Saigon Technology holds prestigious international certifications, such as ISO27001 and Certificate of Excellence in IT Development Outsourcing, as awarded by the Vietnam Software Association in May 2019.

As a well-established Agile software outsourcing business in Vietnam, Saigon Technology has a mature software development process and a proven track record of satisfied clients from around the world, with a focus on Europe, Australia, Singapore, and North America. Clients trust Saigon Technology to provide top-quality and professional services in application development, web development, mobile application development, and offshore software outsourcing.


  • Offshore Software Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • Software Outsourcing Services
  • Web Application Development
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Mobile App Development
  • Offshore Software Testing Services
  • AI Development Services
  • Software QA Testing


Eleks is a famous Ukrainian software development company headquartered in Lviv, and its workers are spread across three continents. They have logistics, finance, media & entertainment, healthcare, retail, and agriculture expertise. Along with creating unique software, they collaborated with the Ukrainian army to develop software for UAV drones.

Main services offered

  • DevOps
  • Cyber Security Services
  • Custom Software Development
  • Application Development
  • Capacity Services
  • Blockchain Solutions
  • Smart Teams
  • PoC Development

Contact info

  • 7 Naukova St., Building G Lviv 79060, Ukraine
  • +380-32-247-0357

4. BairesDev

BairesDev is the leading nearshore development company with high-performing and scalable software solutions. This vendor transforms digital transformation into acceleration by leveraging its cross-industry experience and technological expertise. BairesDev offers services that are time-zone matched to enable top brands. It has over 2,500 experienced engineers spread across 36 countries.

Main services offered

  • Nearshore Software Development
  • Offshore development
  • Software development
  • Product Development
  • Top Talent, Staff Augmentation
  • Software Outsourcing and Managed Teams

Contact info

  • 2 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA 94111, United States720 Orion Pl
  • +1 (408) 478-2739

5. Radixweb

Radixweb has been one of the top outsourcing providers based in India for the last 22 years. Radixweb has been providing offshore software development services for many different clients, with over 650 highly skilled software engineers on staff. They specialize in software consulting and custom application design.

Main services offered

  • Offshore Development Services
  • Web Application Development
  • System Programming
  • Embedded Software Development
  • Cloud Computing and Consulting
  • Application Modernization
  • Software Maintenance
  • Enterprise Mobility

Contact info

  • Earth, B/H Nirma University, Chharodi, Ahmedabad – 382481, India

6. Altoros

Altoros is a professional IT firm headquartered in Pleasanton. They specialize in custom software and product development, cloud-native development, blockchain solutions, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The company has demonstrated expertise in delivering customized software solutions based on Ruby on Rails, Microsoft.NET, Java, JavaScript, Angular, React, Android, iOS, and others.

Main services offered

  • Software Product Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Software Testing and QA
  • Technology Benchmarking
  • DevOps
  • Cloud Application Development
  • API Development and Integration

Contact info

  • 4900 Hopyard Rd., Suite 100, Pleasanton, CA 94588


The company uses Python Django, Flask, Twisted, Angular, ReactJS, React Native, and other programming languages to provide full-stack web development and cross-platform mobile app solutions to clients across all industries. They are a seasoned offshore IT business with clients in the US, Canada, Western Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, South Africa, and the Middle East.

Main services offered

  • End-to-End Product Development
  • Product Design
  • Web Development
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Engineering
  • Mobile Development
  • DevOps

Contact info

  • ul. Mostowa 38, 61-854 Poznań, Poland

8. Belitsoft

Belitsoft, a reputable offshore software development company in the global tech market, has provided high-quality custom software and web development services since 2004. Through their custom software development, product design, QA, and consultancy services, they are a reliable partner for various businesses and start-ups worldwide.

Main services offered

  • Outsource Software Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • PHP Web Development
  • Software Maintenance
  • Offshore Software Development

Contact info

  • Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland
  • +1 (917) 410-57-57

9. TatvaSoft

TatvaSoft, founded in 2001, has built a reputation for providing advanced and cutting-edge digital services and IT solutions. It has evolved to establish a global presence with offices in five different countries. TatvaSoft is a well-known name with dedicated development teams comprised of highly skilled professionals in the leading platforms and technologies.

Main services offered

  • Offshore Software Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Software Outsourcing and UI / UX Design
  • Cloud Services
  • Software Testing / Quality assurance
  • Enterprise Solutions

Contact info

  • TatvaSoft House, Rajpath Club Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 380054

10. Avenga

Despite being founded only in 2019, Avenga has quickly established itself as one of the best offshore development firms in Eastern Europe. They offer end-to-end digital transformation services such as tech enablement, integration, development, strategy, and consulting. This vendor has a growing team with an extraordinary breadth of experience, creating continuous innovation to meet different customers’ needs.

Main services offered

  • Strategic consulting
  • Enterprise application development
  • Digital Platform development
  • Customer experience
  • Data Science & Big Data services
  • Cloud development
  • Enterprise management systems

Contact info

  • Bahnhofsvorpl. 1, 50667 Köln, Germany

IV. How to choose the right offshore development company?

Please take notice of these criteria to select the trusted offshore software development partner for your business.

Define what you want.

This is the necessary thing to do before you begin searching for an outsourcing provider. Before talking with them, remember to define the goals and expectations regarding team size, skill level, and other vital details. As a result, you can determine how suitable the offshore development company towards your business.

Software development experience.

Finding the ideal offshore vendor who can genuinely create a top-tier development team for your business is what counts most. Always verify a company’s track record for producing high-caliber software on time based on your allowed budget.

Evaluate cost-effectiveness.

Businesses hire software development outsourcing majority to reduce costs. That is why you should find flexible vendors who provide different pricing models (fixed-price, dedicated development team model, Time & Material, and more) to assist you in picking the ideal one.


Consider the technical expertise of the development team with whom you intend to collaborate. Determine the technological stacks you require, what potential partners might be able to provide, and their skill level based on your needs.

Check testimonials and certifications.

Always check reviews from previous clients on a vendor’s website or social media, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Clutch, and more, to get a sense of the company’s trustworthiness.

Ask friends, coworkers, or people who have used the services and worked with your potential partner for feedback or suggestions.

Additionally, keep in mind to evaluate the level of quality of the offshore company by verifying whether they have accreditations like ISO 9001 or CMMI.

V. Why should you partner with TECHVIFY?

There are many offshore software development companies worldwide you can collaborate, regardless of the applications you require. However, among many choices, it takes work to pick the right partner to meet your expectations about cost optimization and quality. In this case, TECHVIFY can be the suitable land for you and your next projects.

With a creative, young, and dedicated team, we constantly pursue up-to-date technical knowledge and trends to provide the best-qualified solutions to our valued customers. Our developers are the top IT Vietnamese talents with years of experience who have proven experience in various fields of software development, such as finance, insurance, e-commerce, manufacturing, hospitality, and internet services.

Furthermore, because we are located in Southeast Asia, we always provide software development solutions at lower prices than our competitors due to labor salary differences.

We are also ready to work with flexibility and time zone adjustments suitable for each client. IT developers, testers, BAs, Scrum masters, and consultants can communicate fluently in Vietnamese and English. Many of them are even highly skilled in Japanese. Over the years, we delivered a large number of case studies with high-quality projects starting at $50,000 for various clients all over the world.

VI. Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of offshore software development?

Here are the main benefits of offshore software development:

  • Lower cost

The offshore teams usually come from developing countries. Due to the lower labor cost, offshore companies charge less than equivalent services in your country.

  • Time-saving

Using offshore software services saves staff recruitment, development, implementation, and management time. You can concentrate on the core values and the central business goal.

  • Access the talent pool.

You can approach the huge pool of tech talents worldwide who are experts in many sectors, like big data, mobile app development, AI/ ML, web development, and more.

  • Scaling ability

With the offshore model, your business can quickly scale the team size.

What are the potential risks of offshore software development?

There are several risks when working with an offshore software outsourcing vendor.

  • Hidden costs risk

There may be unanticipated costs during the development process. So, before signing the agreement, you should discuss all direct expenses and extra charges with your offshore software development company.

  • Communication difficulties

Time zone differences and language/cultural barriers can challenge effective communication between the client and the development team.

  • Security issue

This is also a big concern when hiring an offshore vendor. To avoid security risks, thoroughly vet your provider and ensure that you sign security protocols and non-disclosure agreements before collaborating.

  • Quality risk

You should pick a trusted software development team to avoid problems with quality control of the outcomes.

In summary

When it comes to high-quality offshore software development vendors, it is easy to see that they are the leading in keeping up with increasing consumer demands by utilizing the newest trends and technology. Our list of the best offshore development providers mentioned above, with their advantages, could help you have more suggestions when choosing your appropriate one.

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