How To Hire Software Engineers/Developers in Vietnam? 

Vietnam is considered an ideal destination for IT outsourcing, with many advantages compared to other countries regarding the software development market. Let’s find out more about the potential market and how to hire software engineers/developers in Vietnam

Overview of software developers in Vietnam 

Vietnam is a rising star in the field of information technology (IT), with many attractive figures such as the number of software development companies, service quality, IT certifications, economic growth rate, stable political background, and government support. These factors contribute to turning Vietnam into a competitive market for IT outsourcing services

In general, considering and choosing to hire software developers in Vietnam depends on each specific company’s goals, budget, and expectations. 

How many software engineers are there in Vietnam? 

Let’s first learn about Vietnam’s population situation. According to the Dan So website’s statistics, Vietnam currently accounts for 1.25 percent of the world’s population, or 98.93 million people in 2022, with a current average age of 31. This means that Vietnam is a young country or a government with a large number of people of working age. 

Furthermore, Vietnam is one of the top ten countries in terms of graduate engineering. According to a report, there are about 400,000 IT engineers in Vietnam. 

In addition to the large workforce in the software development industry, we can further notice that the Vietnamese government is particularly interested in and supportive of education.  

The government has seriously invested and launched policies to support students who want to research further or study abroad, as well as that help to improve the quality of education in the country constantly. As a result, in recent decades, the young Vietnamese generation has been well-equipped with expertise, high-tech development skills, and the ability to use English. 

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Programming languages that Vietnam developers good at 

Vietnam, like any other job market, provides a diverse range of software engineer types to its clients. With each class, customers could choose particular development teams which are equipped with suitable expertise for their projects. Below are the most popular high-level programming languages that software programmers in Vietnam use regularly and fluently. 

Mobile App Development 

App developers are experts in mobile technology, such as developing apps for Apple’s iOS, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, and Google’s Android platforms. Swift, Kotlin, React, Native, Flutter, Xamarin, Cordova, and Ionic are popular technologies used by mobile app developers in Vietnam.  

Back-end Development 

Back-end development refers to server-side development. It concentrates on web design, database administration, and scripting. It describes the actions behind the scenes when a user performs a specific activity on a website. The back-end developer’s responsibility is to write code that allows browsers to connect to database information. Vietnam’s back-end developers focus on the performance and logic of an application by integrating Application Programming Interfaces (API). They frequently use popular programming languages like C#/C++, Java, PHP, Python, Golang, Node.Js, or dotNET/ASP.NET. 

Front-end Development 

As we all know, the user interface is the part with which the user interacts. It is the responsibility of the front-end developer to ensure that website visitors can interact with the page quickly and smoothly. They include programmers with expertise in HTML/CSS & JavaScript languages and fluent in interface platforms like Next.Js, Vue.Js, Ember.js, Angular, or React.Js. They combine design, technology, and programming to code and debug the look and feel. 

How much does it cost to hire Vietnam developers?

Vietnam’s technology-accessible workforce is one of the country’s greatest strengths. For the next five years, the country’s workforce will be among the top three in terms of IT talent. As a result, you can quickly find the right candidate with the proper skill set. 

The main reason many businesses hire software engineers in Vietnam is its high-quality teams at a low labor cost.  

In Vietnam, the cost of hiring software developers ranges between $10 and $40 per hour. The average hourly rate is about $20. Vietnam is a new emerging market for software development outsourcing in Asia compared to other surrounding areas, where investment can pay off with an average of 60% lower investment than Singapore and 30% to 40% lower costs than China or India.  

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Besides, clients intending to hire developers in Vietnam should remember other costs, including health insurance, software developers’ taxes, trade union fees, and social insurance for staff. Those fees could take up to 35% of an employee’s base salary. 

How to hire software developers in Vietnam? 

1st option: Hire Vietnamese freelance software programmers 

The first option is that customers can actively recruit freelance software developers for their projects. If your business is in the United States or Western Europe and wants to hire a developer, you may experience a shortage of local tech talent. One of the solutions to the lack of tech talent in your area is finding and hiring freelance developers from other countries.  


The first is that freelancers are less expensive than full-time employees. In addition, the freelancers are from all over the world, so they are not restricted to a specific geographical location. Another benefit of hiring software freelancers is that you can hire them for a project without having to worry about their working hours. 


In general, no one can guarantee the exactness of freelancers’ skills or expertise. Freelance portals do not have a screening process, and developers must be evaluated based on their uploaded projects.  

Besides, if you hire a freelancer, it isn’t easy to have a professional operating process. Freelancers are not familiar with time distribution reporting.  

Typically, software development freelancers can only commit to their work in the short term. However, most customers usually ask the software developer for an extended period until their custom software is up and running, even requiring maintenance and fixing issues later. 

2nd option: Hire developers in Vietnam via the ODC model 

Freelance software developers are only suitable for small projects and when you only need one to several experts for a part of the project. It would be best if you thought about hiring software developers through the ODC model in the remaining cases. 



The dedicated offshore development team is usually located in countries with lower living standards, such as Vietnam. They can leverage cost differentials to cut labor, facilities, equipment, and maintenance costs to save budgets on other uses. 

In addition, there is no need to set up infrastructure because the foreign development center supplier has already established the necessary infrastructure, which also saves customers a lot of money. 

Increasing productivity 

When you hire developers in Vietnam, work productivity has the ability to increase by up to 60%-70%. Your company can access a massive talent pool with dedicated development teams at a lower cost. 

Easy to scale-up  

One of the benefits of the ODC model is that it is simple to scale up or down their team size based on deadlines and technological changes while remaining within your budget. 


Culture barriers 

Cultural barriers can be one of the obstacles to teamwork. The offshore team and parent company must overcome these challenges to maximize productivity. 

Communication and management 

When teammates can see each other’s facial expressions or body language, they can collaborate more effectively. That is why the ODC and in-house teams must adopt cutting-edge technology to manage team collaboration and overcome geographical barriers effectively. 

Selecting appropriate provider 

Among a wide range of software development vendors, choosing the most suitable provider that fits your demands is not easy. Your project’s success depends mainly on the software developers that you hire. That is why you need to consider it thoroughly before picking the team. 

Find the right software development team in Vietnam 

Below are some basic guidelines on how to hire developers in Vietnam

  • Set the goal and a budget for your project. 
  • Choose the type of software developer you want to hire (mobile developers, frontend developers, backend developers, and so on). 
  • Create a job description with specific requirements. 
  • Choose between two options: an ODC model or freelancers. 
  • Using supporting tools like Google, IT sites, or your relationship network, locate an appropriate software development team. Always check their portfolio, case studies, and experience before picking any of them. 

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